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Key Commercial Terms of Trading for Skybridge Cars


This document elucidates the central commercial terms offered by Skybridge Cars. It serves as a guidepost for our esteemed clients, establishing transparent interactions and ensuring that all involved parties comprehend their rights, roles, duties, and responsibilities.

1. Company and Service Profile:

2. Contractual Terms:

Engaging with Skybridge Cars by making a booking demonstrates a client's intention to receive services based on these outlined terms. This intention is formalised when we dispatch a confirmation email, signalling the inception of a binding agreement.


  • Before 12 hours of the agreed pickup time: A full refund is guaranteed.

  • Less than 12 hours before pickup: Refunds are typically withheld. However, if a flight cancellation is substantiated, clients are ensured a full refund, even if it's made within the 12-hour bracket.

4. Pricing Mechanism:

Upon finalising a booking with Skybridge Cars, the fare remains unchanged, providing transparency and consistency to our clients.

5. Child Safety Provisions:

Skybridge Cars, aligning with the UK Government Guidelines, allows for children and infants to be transported without the necessity for child or infant car seats. Clients requesting specific car seats will incur an added fee of £15 per infant/child.

6. Vehicle Selection:

Clients have the duty to select an appropriate vehicle type, accommodating passenger numbers and luggage needs. Detailed insights into our fleet can be accessed at Skybridge Cars Fleet. Discrepancies between the ordered and dispatched vehicle type will be addressed to ensure client satisfaction.

7. Lost Items Procedure:

Should belongings be misplaced within our vehicles, Skybridge Cars will take immediate steps to contact the owner. If communication attempts remain unfruitful, the company pledges to store the items securely while arranging their eventual return.

All clients are encouraged to acquaint themselves with these terms to guarantee a smooth and open experience with Skybridge Cars.

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