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The effectiveness of the Allies' aviation campaigns during the height of World War II depended heavily on Stansted Mountfitchet Airport, sometimes known as Stansted. The airfield was built with help from the 850th Engineer Aviation Battalions of the US Army, the British Royal Engineers, and a portion of the US Army. It was officially opened in 1943. These battalions were crucial in the construction and management of the facility. Evidence of their dedication was the parade that took place alongside the inaugural event and showed collaboration between the American and British military.

Stansted was a part of the USAAF Eighth Air Force and served as a key hub for heavy bomber aircraft. But its significance didn't end there. The site was more than just a launching pad for bombing runs over Nazi-occupied territory. It was also a key hub for the maintenance and supply of B-26 aircraft. These aircraft were essential in the strategic bombing missions the Allies ran to target enemy supply routes, troop concentrations, and infrastructure.

The value of London Cab to Stansted, especially in facilitating substantial B-26 overhauls and modifications, emphasizes the challenges of wartime logistics. Every bomber that took off from those runways was the result of many hours of work, from routine maintenance to substantial repairs and modifications. This ensured that the aircraft were in excellent condition for their risky sorties over enemy terrain.

D-Day, the momentous Allied amphibious assault on Normandy in June 1944, altered operations at Stansted. As the Allies progressed and constructed airfields in the areas of France that had been liberated, the primary B-26 overhauling activities at Stansted were shifted closer to the front lines. However, the airfield remained crucial because it offered a location for staging and storage to support aircraft operations throughout Europe. This modification demonstrates how quickly infrastructure and bases have to change to meet the shifting needs of the war effort during the fluid nature of wartime operations.

Key Stansted Airport information

  • STN is located to the north-east of London.

  • Major hub for low-cost European flights.

  • Fastest connection to central London is via Stansted Express, taking 47 minutes to London Liverpool Street.

  • Buses to London by National Express and Airport Bus Express.

  • Stansted doesn't have black cabs; use licensed minicabs.

  • Parking at STN includes short-term and long-term options.

Parking at Stansted Airport

If you're driving to London Stansted and want to leave your car there, the airport has long-stay, mid-stay, and short-stay parking lots. While the short-stay parking area is just a short walk from the terminal, the long-stay and mid-stay parking lots are only accessible by shuttle bus. Plan ahead and book a parking spot to get the greatest rate.

Statistical Operations

  • Passenger Traffic:

  • Data from 2019 indicate that there are more than 28 million passengers each year.

  • Cargo Traffic:

  • Every year, about 250,000 tonnes of freight travel through.

  • Flights:

  • There are roughly 200,000 flight movements per year.

  • Numerous

  • Airlines are in operation, with Ryanair serving as the main carrier.

  • Destinations Served:

  • More than 170 locations in Europe, North Africa, Central and North America, as well as some parts of Asia, are offered as destinations.

  • Rigorous Driver Vetting:

  • Thorough Driver Screening Complete Driver Vetting: "Before joining our team, every driver undergoes a comprehensive background check, ensuring they have a clean record and are trustworthy."

Financial Institutions at STN Airport

A financial hub for travelers in the departure hall is the Barclays ATM. Due to its convenient location between the well-known Boots and Airport Cars, right where Check-in Zones A and B terminate, it ensures easy access 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Anytime you require it or merely need to manage your money before flying, this ATM is accessible. Additionally, if you ever need assistance or answers to your queries, the 0800 400 100 hotline ensures that you are never left in the dark.

The Barclays ATM offers much more than just cash withdrawals, including a variety of financial services. Everything from those last-minute rush deposits of cash or cheques to a fund transfer or just a fast check of your account balance can be handled by this ATM. The purpose of a micro statement is to make financial vigilance easier by providing consumers with an overview of their most recent 10 transactions.

For those who wish to learn more about the activities related to their accounts, there is also the option to request a comprehensive statement, which is easily accessible. For the modern traveler, the Barclays ATM genuinely defines financial efficiency.

How high on our list of priorities does the safety of our passengers place?

  • Driver Education:

  • Continuous training programs have been designed to bring drivers up to date on the latest safety precautions, complex defensive driving tactics, and emergency medical care procedure

  • Cabin safety features:

  • Vehicles are equipped with extra security features like GPS systems, emergency buttons for the convenience of drivers and passengers, and onboard cameras to track trip activities.

  • Emergency action:

  • In the event of an emergency, the service has a mechanism in place to immediately deliver assistance at the vehicle's coordinates. Additionally, swift evacuation techniques are taught to drivers.

  • Ride Transparency Information

  • Before the trip begins, passengers are provided information on the driver, the vehicle's specifications, and its live tracking. This information may be forwarded to family members to enhance safety precautions.

Our Key Values

  • Over 1,000,000 Satisfied Customers.

  • 50% Cheapest from Competitors.

  • Trusted minicab provider.

  • Flight Monitoring- Free Meet and Greet Services.

  • 45 Mins Free Waiting.

  • RideSharing.

  • ConvenientTransportation.

  • 5% Lifetime discount on signing up.

  • 24/7 Customer services.

  • RideService

  • Door-to-door minicab.

  • Fixed Price- No Hidden Cost.

Stansted Airport's Main Shopping District

  • Marketplace Lakeside

  • The transit service that connects two of the most significant places in the area, Lakeside Shopping Centre and London Cab to Stansted Airport (STN), is efficient and reliable, covering the estimated 79 kilometers in little under one hour and thirty minutes. This estimation accounts for a brief break that usually lasts seven minutes and provides passengers an opportunity to unwind and collect their thoughts.

    Thanks to the cooperation of several operators, including c2c, London Underground (Tube), National Express, and more, the transit leaves from the bustling Lakeside Shopping Centre and arrives at the Coach Station in Stansted Airport. Each week, an incredible 286 voyages are performed, making travel simpler for many consumers. But remember that timetables can change

  • Brent Cross Shopping Center

  • Since it provides efficient transportation connections to numerous locations throughout the city, many people find the London Stansted Airport (STN) to be a practical choice. One of the notable routes is the one to Brent Cross Shopping Center, which is around 69 kilometers long and averages 1 hour and 17 minutes. There will be a small layover at this period, which will probably last 4 minutes.

    This service is managed by a number of companies, including Stansted Express, Greater Anglia, and the London Underground (Tube). The number of regular services that travel from Stansted Airport to Brent Cross Shopping Center each week is about 155. The opposite is also true; travelers must be aware that timetables may alter on weekends and during holidays.

Minicab to Stansted Pickup/Drop Off Service:

The importance of punctual, comfortable, and dependable transportation in today's fast-paced culture cannot be overstated. Uncertainty is the last thing anyone wants when it comes to airport transfers, especially to a major hub like Stansted. Our Minicab to Stansted Pick Up/Drop Off service is appreciated by the discriminating traveler who values their time and peace of mind. In addition to providing punctual pickups and drops, we also go above and beyond to enhance the quality of your journey. Due to their familiarity with the shortest and safest routes, our professional drivers will make sure you get to your destination without any issues.

You are in control and informed thanks to real-time tracking and the streamlined online booking procedure. Because of our dedication to maintaining the best levels of service, every interaction, from the first booking to the finish of the journey, oozes professionalism and attention to detail. We are committed to consistently provide an unmatched travel experience in a sector where every second counts and standards are high.

How can you make your booking?

Ensuring a hassle-free experience for our valued customers is at the core of our mission. We offer a convenient method to reserve your priority minicab based on your specific passenger and luggage requirements. Here's how you can secure your ride before your arrival:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a certain car or car seat for my child?

Our service philosophy is focused on giving our clients a personalized and comfortable travel experience. Since every voyage is unique, we have a facility that enables you to indicate any additional requirements or preferences you may have throughout the booking process.

Do you provide specialized services like city tours and airport transfers?

Of course, we provide city excursions and airport transportation. When making a reservation, feel free to enquire about these unique offerings.

What is the distance between Liverpool and Luton Airport?

Depending on the route followed, the distance between Luton Airport and Liverpool is roughly 150 miles or 240 kilometers

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